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When to Schedule an Orthodontic Consultation



Orthodontic consultations are a great time for San Antonio families to get the answers they need about bite concerns. Through early intervention, experts like Dr. Vandeberg can address misaligned teeth, TMJ concerns, jaw growth, and others. But when is the best time to finally visit San Antonio Orthodontics for a consultation for yourself or your child?



When Your Child is 7 Years Old


Orthodontic experts agree that the standard of care is for dentists or orthodontists to screen each child for bite discrepancies by age 7. At this point in your child’s development, they will have a combination of both permanent (adult) and primary (baby) teeth. This “window” provides dental specialists with insight into your child’s oral growth. If concerns like crowding, misalignment, impacted teeth, or jaw growth problems are evident, interceptive therapy can modify and correct growth patterns before they become serious issues.


Early orthodontic intervention helps your child’s mouth develop in a healthier, anatomically ideal pattern. Through interceptive therapy, it’s possible to avoid the need for reconstructive surgeries or major orthodontic treatment a few years down the road.


While most children don’t need braces at age 7, beginning annual or bi-annual evaluations at this stage of a child’s development will give you a head-start on intercepting small issues before they become big ones. At each follow-up, we’ll monitor your child’s oral anatomy to ensure things are falling into place like they need to. These preemptive screenings could help reduce the risk of issues like dental emergencies, speech concerns, and overall confidence in your child (not to mention improved oral health!)



If Your Teen Has “Bite Issues” or Concerns


The high school years are those of building self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your skin. For teens who might be a little less than thrilled about a crooked tooth or gap in their smile, orthodontic therapy can be a smart, holistic investment.


Plus, your child’s adult teeth will have all erupted by now. If they need fine-tuning when it comes to alignment, straightening their smile with braces can help reduce their risks of dental problems as they age.


You’re an Adult with Misaligned Teeth


Misaligned teeth statistically raise your chances of issues like:


  • Gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Tooth decay
  • Irregular enamel wear


If you’re experiencing chronic dental issues—or never got the chance to have braces as a child—right now is a great time to make the investment. As we age, our teeth naturally begin to shift. Or maybe they already did, because you had braces as a teen and didn’t keep up with your retainer. Whatever the reasons are, orthodontic treatment can help you preserve your oral health and natural smile for years to come.



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