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What it’s Like to Wear Clear Aligners

Are you considering getting clear aligners as a substitute for traditional braces? Here are some of the biggest perks and tips you’ll want to keep in mind.


Wear Your Aligners at Least 22 Hours a Day

For transparent aligners to work correctly, you need to wear your trays for a minimum
amount of time every day. This gives you enough wiggle room to remove your braces
when you’re eating, drinking, brushing/flossing, or have to take them out for something
else. Basically, if you’re not cleaning your teeth or enjoying a meal, you need to be
wearing them. Consistency is key. If you don’t wear them for the prescribed timeframe,
it can cause a delay in your overall treatment.


How to Clean Your Clear Aligners

Cleaning clear orthodontic trays is a breeze. Remove them every time you brush and
floss. Use cool or lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush to clean the inside and outside
of each aligner. If you start to notice some buildup here or there, you can soak them in
an aligner or denture cleanser for an hour or so, then rinse them clean.

Make sure you’re not drinking anything other than water with your aligners in, as you
can get food particles, sugar, and acids underneath your trays (which then causes stain
and raises your risk of cavities.)


What About Appointments?

Since clear aligners don’t require adjustments (they work by changing them out as
directed) you won’t need as many or as long of appointments as someone with
traditional braces. Dr. Vandeberg will briefly evaluate your progress to make sure you’re
on track. Then we’ll send you home with the next series of aligners in your treatment
plan. Depending on the situation, we probably only need to see you for about 15
minutes every other month.


Will People be Able to Tell You Have Braces?

The beauty of clear aligners is that they’re practically invisible when you wear them.
Nobody should be able to see that they’re there. If you pause and show them from a
few inches away, they’ll be able to see the trays, but just barely. Even speaking with
aligners in your mouth doesn’t really influence the way you normally talk.


Age Requirements for Clear Aligners

Since removable aligners require keeping up with your trays and changing them out as
directed, they’re best for adults. But teens can make great candidates too, as long as
they’re responsible enough to manage their schedule and treatment instructions. One of
the most common misconceptions is that you can be too old to get clear aligners, but
that’s actually not the case!


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