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Do you have gaps between your teeth? Spacing between teeth is a common orthodontic issue that affects many teenagers and adolescents. Fortunately, there is a comfortable and inconspicuous option for closing in the gaps of a smile with Invisalign Teen. Our orthodontists are proud to offer this service to our younger patients in need of a straighter smile.

What causes

a spaced smile?

Having spaces between teeth is common, although it is not ideal for enjoying healthy teeth and gums. Spacing occurs when adult teeth come in to replace baby teeth. Sometimes the timing of losing baby teeth and the eruption of adult teeth leads to orthodontic issues such as gapped, overlapped, and crooked teeth. With orthodontic treatment, however, patients can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

What is

Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is an alternative to metal braces. Instead of using wires and brackets, Invisalign straightens smiles with custom fitted aligners made from clear plastics that are removable. This means that teens can continue to eat their favorite foods without worrying about brackets coming loose, wires breaking, or food becoming stuck underneath orthodontic appliances. Aligners are also removed for oral hygiene so that teeth can be properly brushed and flossed.

What are other benefits

to straightening teeth with Invisalign?

For teenagers, Invisalign offers some unique advantages when compared to metal braces. For example, those who play instruments such as a flute or clarinet will not experience obstruction. Playing sports with Invisalign is safe as well. Since aligners are made from soft plastics, they will not cut into or scrape against soft oral tissue.

How do I know

if Invisalign is right for me?

The best way to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment option for misaligned teeth is to schedule a consultation at our practice. After a thorough examination with our orthodontist, our team will determine which orthodontic treatment plan suits your unique needs.

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