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Patients often wonder how soon they can return to their normal, daily routines after getting braces. Bands are cemented on teeth as well as brackets that allow your orthodontist to thread the wires that will be used to straighten your teeth over time. Once your braces are placed there can be some discomfort. An over-the-counter pain reliever may be recommended; if you feel up to it, you can return to work or school. If not mandated by your school or employer, the remainder of the day may be better spent adjusting to your new braces.

Throughout the duration of wearing your braces, your diet will require some changes. To prevent bending or breaking the wires, you will be advised to abstain from biting into anything hard like a crunchy apple, carrots, or nuts.

Many snacks like chips or popcorn can create problems; anything chewy like caramel is restricted. Even crusty bread can break a wire.

For the first several days after braces are placed, soft foods are recommended such as eggs, yogurt, pudding, or soft ice cream … anything that does not require extensive chewing. You can anticipate mild soreness upon initial placement as well as each orthodontic visit where the wires are adjusted to keep the straightening process on track.

If a wire breaks, you can obtain a waxy product to cover it to prevent the wire from poking soft oral tissues until your orthodontist can replace it. Abrasions from rubbing braces can occur; there are products available to help with this.

On the day your braces are placed, your orthodontist will show you how to perform your daily hygiene duties. It is critical to continue brushing and flossing throughout treatment as these braces will be staying in place anywhere from six months to several years. Dental neglect can result in replacing one dental problem (crooked teeth) with another (dental decay).

There are many bright colors to choose from that allow wearing braces today slightly more fashionable than in years past when only silver was available. Your orthodontist can provide a color palette of choices available.

Once teeth have been straightened, a retainer will need to be worn until teeth have developed a memory of their new occlusion. Failure to wear your retainer as prescribed can result in teeth drifting back to their original location.

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