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As a parent, you most likely understand the importance of periodic visits to the dentist, but correcting underlying issues with pediatric braces may also be necessary. While surprising to hear, your child’s dentist may recommend a consultation with an orthodontist to repairs issues affecting their bite. Using this guide, you will understand how early orthodontic care can benefit your child.

Improved Eruption

of Permanent Teeth

Overcrowding or other spacing issues with your child’s baby teeth can affect how their permanent teeth emerge. Early orthodontic intervention decreases the risk of problems with your child’s eruption of permanent teeth. By making space and moving baby teeth with braces, your child’s mouth will have the proper layout for straight, healthy, and strong permanent teeth.

Correction of

Bite Issues

Crossbites, overbites, and underbites affect millions of children, but an orthodontist can correct these bite issues early using a palatal expander and other treatments. Fitted on the roof of your child’s mouth and connected to specific teeth, the expander slowly moves the teeth, correcting the bite issue. While this requires moving the expander using a special key on a consistent basis, the treatment is an effective option for young children with misaligned bites.

Repairing Damage

from Habits

Many young children have habits that damage the look and health of their teeth. Sucking on fingers and thumbs and drinking from a bottle past a certain age can damage the surface enamel, cause decay and cavities, and even make teeth protrude in unappealing ways. Braces will not only correct this damage, but also prevent your child from continuing these unhealthy habits.



If your child has misaligned teeth or problems with their bite, they may also suffer with a decreased self-esteem. Correcting these issues early with orthodontic care will not only improve their dental issues, but also improve their level of confidence.

To avoid serious dental issues in the future, consult with our team about early orthodontic treatment. You and your child will enjoy their new, healthy, and appealing smile. Contact San Antonio Orthodontics at 210-970-7638 today to schedule your visit.