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For about a half century, this question would never need to be asked. If you had crooked teeth, you underwent traditional teeth straightening with regular metal dental braces. However, the options have increased depending on the severity of your malocclusion and your age at the time of treatment.

Bulky metal bands and brackets have evolved over the past century; there are smaller, sleeker braces with colorful options so you can personalize your teeth straightening method. There are tooth colored braces fabricated with ceramic that work the same way as metal braces, but are a little less obvious.

There are braces that are permanently placed on the lingual side (inside) of the tooth. They too are permanently affixed, but are not apparent to anyone but the wearer.

An increasingly popular way of straightening teeth for teens and adults is with clear, removable aligners. The ability to remove these aligners for meals, snacks, and to perform basic daily oral hygiene make this method extremely well-liked.

But how do you determine which method is best for you or your child? There are several steps to take starting with selecting the right orthodontist for your needs. Location is another consideration. Since you will need to schedule ongoing appointments throughout care, this may be a factor.

Once you have selected an orthodontist, be prepared to ask questions about length of treatment; options; anticipated results; and investment. It never hurts to ask if there is any kind of assistance with payment such as interest free or reduced rate payment plans. Also investigate any available assistance from dental insurance you may have.

Your orthodontist will make recommendations for the type of treatment that will work best for your particular circumstance. If you have complete trust in your orthodontist, what is recommended will usually prove to be the best choice. To learn more about your orthodontic treatment options, contact our skilled team at San Antonio Orthodontics and schedule your informative consultation today.