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It takes a lot of patience and practice to keep your smile clean when you wear braces. If you’re not wearing a removable style of orthodontic aligners, there are a number of tools that can make it easier for you to clean around brackets and wires to keep your teeth in their best shape until your braces come off. The better you take care of your smile while wearing braces, the better your outcome will be.

No matter which oral hygiene tools you choose to use for your braces, be sure to take plenty of time to brush above and below your brackets. Here are some of the top oral hygiene aids that San Antonio Orthodontics recommends to help your smile stay cavity-free and clean…

Proxy-Brushes and Interdental Brushes

The bristles of your toothbrush are unlikely to reach between the brackets and under the wires. Proxy brushes come in handy in this situation. These little tools resemble a short pipe cleaner on the end of a small handle (tapered like a Christmas tree). They can be reused multiple times as long as they are thoroughly rinsed before discarding.

These devices are especially useful for removing food debris from the front of your mouth after a meal. Because there is a wire in the center, they may also be twisted to make it simpler to reach between brackets on your back teeth.

Water Flosser

Water flossing is a great way for people with braces to keep their teeth clean. Because it employs a constant stream of water, it can be used all over your mouth to rinse away food particles, plaque, and bacteria. Many people prefer water flossing over regular flossing.

Depending on the brand of flosser you've purchased, there may even be interchangeable tips with small brushes to better clean around your orthodontic brackets. Many have pressure settings that can be adjusted to make water flossing as comfortable as possible.

Electric Toothbrush

Plaque is better removed by the vibrating motion of electric toothbrushes. This makes it easy to clean your brackets thoroughly by angling the brush head and allowing it to do all of the work for you.

Many electric toothbrushes come with small brush heads that are specifically designed for orthodontic appliances. If you’re not sure how to use them, Dr. Vandeberg will be happy to show you the best techniques during your next visit.

Disclosing Tablets

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how well you brush your teeth, something is still left behind? You can purchase disclosing tablets or solutions online that will show you exactly where to find the problem.

Disclosing tablets temporarily stain any existing plaque a different color (typically pink or purple), making it easy to go back and remove it. Just keep in mind that these products can easily stain fabrics and countertops.

Great Oral Hygiene is Important

It is extremely important to take good care of your teeth when undergoing orthodontic treatment. No matter how clean you keep your braces, regular cleanings and checkups are still essential. Visit our San Antonio office today for more oral hygiene tips!