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Is your child undergoing tooth transition? Has your dentist recommended that you make an appointment with an orthodontist? Receiving orthodontic treatment is a great investment in your child’s oral health. Not only is a straight smile a very desirable trait, straight teeth tend to be healthier than crooked and misaligned teeth. This is because cleaning properly spaced teeth is much easier. The timing of orthodontic treatment is important – especially since braces might affect the process of adult teeth replacing baby teeth. When timing treatment, our orthodontist will develop a custom treatment plan for each patient.

How can baby teeth

affect orthodontic treatment?

The process of adult teeth replacing baby teeth can affect the movement of teeth. The period of tooth transition can take a couple years. Most of the time, though, its best for patients to receive braces after baby teeth have fallen out but the needs of every patient can vary.

Will tooth extractions

be necessary prior to receiving braces?

An extraction is the surgical removal of the entire tooth, including its roots. Sometimes, tooth extraction is necessary to facilitate the movement of permanent teeth. An extraction might be necessary if baby teeth are not falling out fast enough as adult teeth are coming in. When an extraction is necessary, our team will work with your dentist or oral surgeon to ensure that our patients receive quality care.

What type of

issues can braces correct?

Braces can correct a number of orthodontic problems. Beyond straightening the placement of teeth, braces improve a patient’s occlusion. An occlusion is the way that the upper and lower sets of teeth line up when the mouth is closed. An unhealthy occlusion can cause untimely tooth wear and strain on the joints that connect the jaw to the skull.

How do I know

when my child should receive treatment?

The only way to know for certain when it’s time to begin orthodontic treatment is to schedule a consultation at our practice. We serve patients of all ages. To reserve an examination with our orthodontist, call San Antonio Orthodontics at your convenience.