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As your premier choice for a San Antonio and Pleasanton adult and children’s orthodontist, we at San Antonio Orthodontics are here to give you the efficient and convenient orthodontic treatment you deserve. One of the many orthodontic treatment options we offer is the traditional method of braces. While the purpose of braces is apparent, you may have – at one time or another – found yourself wondering about how they actually work to make teeth straighter. That’s a great question – and one which we’ll be glad to teach you more about!

The Parts

of Braces

First, we’d like to explain all of the parts of the braces. Braces consist of these parts:

  • Brackets – These are attached to the fronts of each tooth. While they’re often made out of metal, they’re sometimes made of ceramic, which gives a patient a much more discreet appearance.
  • Archwire – This is the thin, metal wire that runs along each of the brackets across an entire row of teeth.
  • Bonding Material or Metal Bands – One of these two will be used to secure the brackets to each tooth.
  • Ligature Elastic – Also known as an ‘o-ring,’ the ligature elastic is a small and colored elastic that holds the bracket onto the archwire.


Braces Work

Your teeth will begin to move because of the archwire placing gentle pressure on the brackets. Since these brackets are secured to your teeth, the archwire will cause your teeth to gradually move as pressure is being placed on the brackets. When your braces are continually putting this pressure on your teeth, they’re actually loosening your teeth and then repositioning them in a spot that improves the alignment of the teeth. Over time, your teeth will move and follow the shape of the archwire. After they move into the proper alignment, the braces will hold these teeth in place as the bone tissue in your jaw grows around them and stabilizes them.

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