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The Invisalign orthodontic system, which straightens your smile with a series of progressive trays made of clear plastic instead of brackets and wires, offers convenience to patients in many ways. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that patients can remove the trays before eating or drinking. That allows patients to continue to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages throughout orthodontic treatment.

You should take out the trays before drinking any hot or cold beverages, as significant temperature fluctuations can warp the trays and make them less effective. Additionally, a dark beverage like coffee or tea could stain the aligners and make them appear dirty and not so “invisible.” Most patients will want to avoid this outcome, too. So refrain from drinking coffee and tea while the aligners are in your mouth. And be sure to rinse your mouth out with water before re-inserting the trays to remove any residue of your beverage that could stain your teeth and aligner.

Your dentist will give you other, more comprehensive instructions about what you can eat and drink during your treatment. Generally speaking though, most foods and beverages can be consumed during Invisalign treatment. Of course, you still want to limit sweet treats to protect your oral health, and rinse thoroughly after enjoying those and before re-inserting your trays, as well.

Additionally, you want to be sure that you are wearing the trays for enough hours each day, usually between 20 and 22. If you don’t follow the schedule provided by your dentist, the Invisalign may not have the desired effects in the expected treatment timeline. So, remember to put your trays back in after you are finished with your coffee break, and don’t take them out too often.

Invisalign eliminates the need to abstain from certain foods and beverages while you are on your way to a straighter smile. To learn more about the many benefits of Invisalign, contact San Antonio Orthodontics at 210-970-7638 and schedule an initial evaluation.